7 to 14 years old

Online coding school for children

Start coding

for a bright future of your child

Make screen time productive

Children love games. We teach them coding by learning how to make games

Increase school performance

Coding significantly improves logic and critical thinking

Improve success in the future

Starting to code early, like a foreign language, will give children a massive advantage in any future profession

Receive unique gadgets home

Study tools used during and after lessons

Free Delivery

Augmented Reality cube

Children will experience lesson projects in the palm of their hands. DNA molecules, planets and any of their 3D creations.

Virtual Reality headset

Children will explore the stars, walk with dinosaurs, colonize planets and experience many more immersive projects.

You choose when classes happen

  • From Monday to Sunday
  • class starting times from 10:00 to 20:00
  • explore available starting times after the demo lesson

Let's convince your child together

Are you worried if your child is going to like it?
Let us do our magic, book a free demo class

Only the best teachers

40+ young experts

5-step rigorous selection with emphasis on pedagogy skills and experience with children

Certified and trained continuously

only 5% of applicants become certified, after which they get continuous training and development

Specialized by age

Younger children require teachers with more pedagogy skills. The older, the more specialized coding knowledge is required from teachers.

Experience a truly unique curriculum
Learn for months, or years

The most fun way to start coding

Learn how to code by developing Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences. Children can share their finished games with friends and family.

  • Suitable for children aged 7 to 14

Code in Minecraft and Roblox

We know children love these games. At Bloomcoding, we introduce Python and Lua by developing mini-games for Minecraft and Roblox, which they can share with the world.

Learn Python and Lua

  • Suitable for children aged 9 to 14
From $80/month

- 4 monthly classes
- certificate of knowledge
- free (1:1) make-up lessons
- personal progress reports
- free gadgets with delivery included

Maximum 4 children per group

Other schools: 6-14/group

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I want to start. What are the next steps?

1. Experience the free demo class
2. Enroll and provide availability for classes
3. Pay and start your first class

Curious what games Bloom students create?

VR game created by Albert, played by more than 100.000 children

Start your adventure NOW!

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